In an interview with Pacific Standard Magazine Governor Brown was asked about pursuing a split roll property tax to help resolve the state’s budget woes:

MC: Some people say the state will never get fixed until Prop 13, which passed in 1978 during your first term, is radically reformed. We need a split roll, they say, that would raise taxes on commercial property while keeping them low on homeowners. Only then would we see a sort of tax equity that would produce the revenue we really need to float a state as grand as California. Are we going to see any proposals like that in a second term?

Gov.: None that I am ready to recommend.

MC: Why not?

Gov.: I just don’t want to go there. I’m just not ready to recommend a split roll on Prop 13. If you want a split roll, go organize your friends and put it on the ballot. I don’t see it happening. There’d be a hell of a lot of opposition. I don’t reject any idea out of hand—everything is possible. But lots of businesses are hurting—you increase their property taxes, that’ll be a problem.

Thank you Governor Brown!  Click here to read the full interview.

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