The proposition numbers for November’s election have been released, and the Split Roll Property Tax Measure pushed onto the ballot by public employee unions and far left activists has been numbered Proposition 15.

Proposition 15 is aimed directly at you and your business and during one of the worst health crises ever seen, precipitated one of the worst recessions, this measure would enact an $12.5 Billion PER YEAR tax on commercial property in California.

Think about that.  The largest property tax increase ever.  $12.5B per year, every year on your properties.  When many of you are no longer receiving rent payments.

Click here to learn more about the flaws in Proposition 15, how it will kill California’s economy, and diverse interests from Former Speaker Willie Brown, to the California Assessors Association, to former State Senate Majority Leader Gloria Romero, oppose this measure.

Vote “No” On Prop 15.  Click here for more information and to donate to the campaign to stop this bad measure.



Be safe, be healthy, be smart.  Wear a mask when you go out.  If your properties are still open, lets do everything we can to keep them that way.



 For your information, here are all the proposition numbers that will be on the November 2020 ballot.  Although we have not taken formal positions yet, we have noted early support/oppose recommendations on some measures:

Prop 14 – Bonds For Stem Cell/Medical Research

Prop 15 – Split Roll Property Tax – VOTE NO!

Prop 16 – Reinstates Affirmative Action Programs In California (Repeals Prop. 209)

Prop 17 – Allows Parolees To Vote

Prop 18 – Allows Certain 17-Year-Olds To Vote In Primary Elections

Prop 19 – Realtor Measure To Allow Base Property Base Year Value Transfers – VOTE YES!

Prop 20 – Repeals Portions Of Props 47/57 To Add Crimes To The List Of Violent Felonies; Recategorize Certain Types Of Theft (Shoplifting) And Fraud Crimes As Wobblers; And Require DNA Collection For Certain Misdemeanors – VOTE YES!

Prop 21 — Rent Control – VOTE NO!

Prop 22 – Repeals AB5 And Sets New Rules For Independent Contractors

Prop 23 – Kidney Dialysis Clinic Rules

Prop 24 – Consumer Privacy Rules

Prop 25 – Reinstates The Cash Bail System

Click here to read the language for each initiative.

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