Our friends over at the California Restaurant Association have penned an update on what is going on with the minimum wage debate being pushed by several unions.  Our industry is aligned with the CRA and have been working with them to explain why such and increase would mean less jobs, higher rents, and hurt the very people the policy purports to help.

“California’s minimum wage debate is heating up. SEIU, International and SEIU-UHW (United Healthcare Workers) have filed competing minimum wage increase initiatives as part of this broad push to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Both initiatives tie future increases to CPI, and SEIU’s measure mandates six paid sick days per year – a clear indication that this movement is about more than just securing a $15 minimum wage, it’s about a continued push for more in the form of predictive scheduling, paid leave and healthcare.”

Click here to read the full story and please support our efforts to lobby for a reasonable minimum wage in California.

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