We support AB 943 (Santiago; D-Los Angeles) a bill that will increase the vote threshold for approval of local initiatives intended to curb, delay, or deter growth and development throughout California, which may exacerbate the state’s affordable housing crisis.

AB 943 requires any ordinance proposed by the voters of a city, county, or city and county, submitted to the voters, that would reduce density or stop development or construction on any parcels located less than one mile from a major transit stop, only be enacted with 55% or more of the votes cast.

By enacting this policy, AB 943 will ensure that special interest groups do not unfairly hinder the development of new housing projects, while appropriately balancing and respecting local preferences.  Bottom line is that AB 943 will reduce unnecessary barriers to creating transit-friendly new housing and help address the state’s affordable housing crisis.

In order to address the housing crisis in California we must build more residences.  Collecting more tax money that just gets lost in the current thicket of anti-development policies is not a solution.  Helping projects overcome unnecessary burdens, like AB 943, will produce more – and less expensive – rooftops.  The bill is currently awaiting hearing in the Senate Governance and Finance committee.

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