On the Governor’s desk is a public employee union-backed measure that we, along with a very large business coalition oppose and are urging the Governor to Veto.  AB 1897 (Hernandez; D-West Covina) forces one company to essentially insure the wage and hour obligations and workers’ compensation coverage, of a separate employer’s employees, which will discourage the use of contractors and their employees.

AB 1897 holds an innocent business liable for the employment obligations of another employer ad will create significant litigation.  We believe that adequate protections already exist for documented problems with contracting.  We strongly urge a veto.

We have already met with the Governor’s high ranking staff on this issue and are urging YOU weigh in too by writing a letter to ask that he veto the bill.

We urge you to send (snail mail – not email or fax!) a letter to the Governor.

Click here for an example letter.

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