AB 5 (Ammiano; D-San Francisco) the bill that would enact “the Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights and Fairness Act,” was heard in Assembly Appropriations earlier this week and was moved to the committee’s “Suspense File” due to massive fiscal impacts the bill would have on state and local budgets.

The bill would restrict local law enforcement, local governments, and business improvement districts, from enforcing local ordinances that regulate such activities as sitting, laying, and/or soliciting in loosely defined “public space.”  The bill has been amended several times, however concerns from public and private entities alike have remained strong.

The Committee Analysis points out that the bill’s requirements to provide “Health and Hygiene Centers” in every jurisdiction, would alone have a one-time cost of $216 million – and does not even speculate as to the ongoing costs, or who would be responsible for maintaining the centers.   The analysis also points out that reporting requirements in the bill would cost each local law enforcement agency at least $20,000 to track and compile citations and arrests.

On top of these concerns regarding impact on local government coffers, AB 5 would make it even more difficult for Business Improvement District employees to keep their districts safe, clean, and attractive to the general public.  BIDs would have very little support from local law enforcement and no recourse under the law to deal with significant issues related to homeless issues.

ACTION REQUESTED:  Due to the significant cost, and other concerns, we are asking that you contact members of the Appropriations Committee and/or local Assemblymembers with which you have a personal relationship and ask that “AB 5 be kept on the Suspense File.”

Please call your Assemblymember, and let them know how this policy will negatively impact your operations, tell them it is too expensive to implement, and ask that they help “keep the bill on Suspense.”

Our friends at the California Downtown Association have put together an advocacy resource page that will help you with all the information you need to make contact – CDA AB 5 Action Page.

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