On Monday and Tuesday, October 8 & 9, in Sacramento the California Energy Commission is holding a workshop to solicit input on the structure and direction of the future comprehensive energy efficiency programs for residential and nonresidential existing buildings.  Better known as the “Energy Efficiency Program for Existing Buildings,” or more simply the “AB 758 Regs,” this activity is being held pursuant to Assembly Bill 758 (Skinner, Chapter 470, Statutes 2009).


Industry input is imperative in this process as recommendations regarding the requirements of these regulations intended to develop a comprehensive program to achieve greater energy savings in the state’s existing buildings will also be discussed.  Achieving these goals will potentially require enormous efficiency improvements in both building construction (envelope) and in the ever increasing number of electric devices they contain (plug-load).


Materials for review and more information about this effort can be found at the following website.


Your Sacramento representatives will be present at this meeting; however, it is very important that as experts and practitioners you provide us with overall and technical comments on these proposed rules.  If our industry does not provide comments, these mandatory rules will potentially be written by individuals with no practical experience managing commercial properties.


To participate directly, please pass along any comments you have to be included in the industry response to Matthew Hargrove.


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