Advocates for the disabled community are registering strong opposition to EV-Charging standards being proposed by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).  While HCD’s EV-Ready standards were adopted by the Building Standards Commission (BSC) back in July, there is still one item related to new apartment construction awaiting action when the BSC convenes in October. Specifically, HCD is proposing certain accessibility parking requirements be met if and when an apartment owner chooses to voluntarily install fully-functioning EV charging facilities. 

As proposed by HCD, if an apartment owner voluntarily installs EV-charging facilities, the installation would need to meet the dimensional specifications required for disabled accessibility parking spaces.  However, advocates for the disabled community argue that HCD needs to go much further and require a second EV-charging facility for use only by those with disabilities, similar to the “blue” parking spaces already required by state and federal law.

Our partners at CBIA are requesting the BSC to either approve HCD’s recent submittal or return the regulatory package to HCD for “further study.”

If this issue is not fixed it will have a drastic impact on your parking lots.  It will require a 1:1 installation of EV Charging stations.


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