Today is “Bill Introduction Deadline” in the California State Legislature.  Have until close of business today to introduce all the great ideas they have to improve your businesses.  We normally see well over 2,000 separate legislative measures, including constitutional amendments and resolutions, and this year the numbers seems to be even higher than normal. 

 Although bills could have been introduced as early as December of last year, a vast majority of bills are introduced in the final week of February. We expect hundreds of bills to be put in just today to beat the deadline.

 So far more 200 bills have been identified as having a direct and/or significant impact on our industry, including measures to change unlawful detainer notification, make it easier to raise property taxes, and mandate personnel decisions for building managers.

 Your Sacramento staff and legislative committees are currently in the process of reading all the bills and analyzing their impact.  If you would like to participate in this process we would love your help.  Volunteer by responding to this email.


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