Today is a major milestone in the legislative process, Bill Intro Deadline.  Every great idea, and some not so great ideas, that “oughtta be a law,” need to be submitted by the time the Assembly and Senate Desks close today.  Once that happens, we will now have most of the bills that we will need to pay attention to this year.  Although legislators have had since early January to go through this process, more bills will be introduced today than on all previous days combined.  As of yesterday we had just under 1,000 new bills.  We expect that number to be at around 2,500 once the dust settles next week.

So far we are seeing bills on all manner of interesting topics.  Changing Proposition 13 and the way parcel taxes can be approved is very popular.  As are bills relating to Enterprise Zones, economic development, energy efficiency, water, special assessment districts, the homeless, building codes, and of course our old favorite, CEQA.

Your Sacramento staff wades through all of these measures and identifies those bills that have some impact on our industry.  That initial cut of bills usually numbers between 400-500.  Then the hard part starts…we engage you, as subject matter experts, to help us analyze, set positions, and prioritize all of these bills.  Thank you in advance for your help!

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