Although we tend to focus on the bills we oppose, there are quite a number of bills that we support.  The following is a list of bills we support that have been sent to the Governor.

AB 1857 (Nazarian D) Building codes: earthquake safety: immediate occupancy standard.


Require the state to assemble a functional recovery working group, including members of the construction and insurance industries.

AB 1976 (Limón D) Employment: lactation accommodation.

Requires employers to provide lactation accommodations in area outside of a bathroom.

AB 2132 (Levine D) Building permit fees: waiver.

Authorize building desks to waive or reduce all building permit fees for improvements to a home of a person at least 60 years of age with a qualifying disability that are made to accommodate that disability.

AB 2372 (Gloria D) Planning and zoning: density bonus: floor area ratio bonus.

Authorizes a procedure by ordinance to grant a developer of an eligible housing development a floor area ratio bonus in lieu of a density bonus awarded on the basis of dwelling units per acre.

AB 2596 (Cooley D) California Economic Development Strategic Action Plan.

Requires GO-BIZ to lead the preparation of a California Economic Development Strategic Action Plan.

AB 2782 (Friedman D) California Environmental Quality Act.

Authorize a lead agency to consider specific economic, legal, social, technological, or other benefits of, and the negative impacts of denying a project.

AB 2913 (Wood D) Building standards: building permits: expiration.

Extends the amount of time a building permit if valid.  SIGNED INTO LAW.

AB 3002 (Grayson D) Disability access requirements: information.

Require local jurisdictions issuing building permits for commercial construction or business licenses to make available a notice containing specified information regarding disability access.

AB 3232 (Friedman D) Zero-emissions buildings and sources of heat energy.

Requires the Energy Commission to include in the 2021 edition of the integrated energy policy report a report on the emissions of greenhouse gases associated with the supply of energy to residential and commercial buildings.  This bill has been SIGNED INTO LAW.

SB 1145 (Leyva D) Enhanced infrastructure financing districts: maintenance.

Authorizes an EIFD to finance the ongoing or capitalized costs to maintain public capital facilities.

SB 1246 (Gaines R) Property tax: claims for refund.

Provide for a verification of a claim by the trustee of the person who paid certain property taxes.  This bill has been SIGNED INTO LAW.

SB 1397 (Hill D) Automated external defibrillators: requirement: modifications to existing buildings.

Applies current-law AED requirements to building that undertake Tenant Improvements over $100,000.

SB 1415 (McGuire D) Housing.

To respond to illegal residences springing up in industrial buildings, this bill requires code inspection every 5 years all privately owned structures within the Storage Group S occupancy classification.  This bill was introduced to address issues related to the tragic Oakland Ghost Ship Fire.

SB 1416 (McGuire D) Local government: nuisance abatement.

Authorize a city or county to also collect fines for specified violations related to the nuisance abatement using a nuisance abatement lien or a special assessment. This bill was introduced to address issues related to the tragic Oakland Ghost Ship Fire.



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