AB 515 (Dickinson D) Environmental quality: California Environmental Quality Act: writ of mandate.

AB 976 (Atkins D) Coastal resources: California Coastal Act of 1976: enforcement: penalties.

AB 1522 (Gonzalez D) Employment: paid sick days.

AB 1961 (Eggman D) Land use: planning: Sustainable Farmland Strategy.

AB 2045 (Rendon D) Energy improvements: financing.

AB 2104 (Gonzalez D) Common interest developments: water-efficient landscapes.

AB 2405 (Ammiano D) Landlord tenant: Ellis Act.

AB 2416 (Stone D) Liens: laborers and employees.

AB 2630 (Hernández, Roger D) Employment.

ACA 3 (Campos D) Local government financing: public safety services: voter approval.

SB 935 (Leno D) Minimum wage: annual adjustment.

SB 968 (Hill D) Public lands: Martin’s Beach property: access road.

SB 1021 (Wolk D) School districts: parcel taxes.

SB 1171 (Hueso D) Real property transactions: agents: obligations.

SB 1439 (Leno D) Residential real property: withdrawal of accommodations.

SB 1451 (Hill D) Environmental quality: mitigation measures.

SCA 4 (Liu D) Local government transportation projects: special taxes: voter approval.

SCA 7 (Wolk D) Local government financing: public libraries: voter approval.

SCA 8 (Corbett D) Transportation projects: special taxes: voter approval.

SCA 9 (Corbett D) Local government: economic development: special taxes: voter approval.

SCA 11 (Hancock D) Local government: special taxes: voter approval.

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