It took almost two full months to assess exactly where the November Elections put the partisan divide in California and the news is that it was the largest win for Democrats at all levels of government ever in our state.  Every close race – and even a couple that were not close on Election night, moved into the win column for Dems.

At the Congressional level seven (7) seats switched from Republican to Democrat and played a large role in changing who holds the gavel in the U.S. House of Representatives back to Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco).  The California Delegation is now 44-7 in the house and both U.S. Senators remain Democrats

In the State Legislature the Democrats gained so much ground they not only reached the coveted “supermajority” status in both chambers, they have reached what some are referring to as “gigamajority” status.  Dems hold a 60-20 advantage in the 80 member Assembly; and a 29-11 majority in the 40 member Senate.

As for executive elected offices, Democrats now hold ever single statewide elective office.   And just as an example of how lopsided the numbers were in the election Governor-elect Gavin Newsom won his race by an incredible 21.6% margin.

Statewide the Democrats hold a 3.7 million voter advantage in registrations.

The Blue Wave that many had predicted turned out to be a Blue Tsunami.

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