2022 Board of Directors

BOMA California is a federation of all eight metropolitan BOMA Local Associations in California and serves as the collective membership’s legislative and regulatory advocate.

Each Local Association nominates up to five of its members to serve on the BOMA Califonia Board of Directors. Additionally, every local association is represented in the leadership of the Association via an elected officer’s position or seat on the Executive Committee. Therefore, every BOMA member in California has a voice in the setting of policies of BOMA California.

Below is a listing of the BOMA California Board listed by the local association from which they hail:

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Greater Los Angeles

Becky Rios (Executive Committee)
Lincoln Properties Company, Pasadena

Lea Sandoval
Kilroy Realty Group

Brian Wilson

Althea De Pietro
De Pietro Holdings

Dan Cote
National Real Estate Development

Aaron Taxy
BOMA Greater Los Angeles, Dir of Gov Affairs, Los Angeles

Michele Ware
BOMA Greater Los Angeles, BAE, Los Angeles


Inland Empire

Desiree Lavin Glover (Treasurer)
Tiarna Real Estate Services, Grand Terrace

Marge Almond
CBRE, San Bernardino

Dalida Silverman
MCA Realty, Inc., Riverside

Kristine Linnens
BOMA Inland Empire, BAE, Grand Terrace


Oakland/East Bay

Jenna Hattersley (Executive Committee)
Harvest Properties

Jim Poyer
Legacy Mechanical & Energy Services, Inc.

Kristin Edwall
KG Investment Properties

Samantha Stires

Julie Taylor
BOMA Oakland East Bay, BAE, Oakland


Orange County

Ellen Ticknor (Executive Committee)
Richard Seide, Newport Beach

Mike Kent
Goodman, Irvine

Ceri Osbourne
Irvine Company, Irvine

Ruben Rivas
Irvine Company, Newport Beach

Karen Flanigan
Greenlaw Management, Irvine

Arianna Barrios
Communications Lab, Orange

Martin McIntosh
BOMA Orange County, BAE, Orange



David Mastro (Executive Committee)
McClellan Park, Senior Vice President, Sacramento

Jessica Heckle
Buzz Oats Management, Sacramento

Patrice Griffith
State of CA DGS, Sacramento

Julia Marin
BOMA Sacramento, BAE, Sacramento

Itati Martin
BOMA Sacramento, Sacramento



San Diego

Tom Magnussen (President)
Paragon Services, San Diego

Thor Emblem
GSH Group

Sonia Miro
Kearny Real Estate

Melanie Bamba-Milinkevich
RSI Roofing and Solar

Amber Molina
Commonwealth Partners, San Diego

Craig Benedetto
BOMA San Diego, Legislative Director, San Diego

Audrey Doherty
BOMA San Diego, BAE, San Diego

San Francisco

Jim Collins (Secretary)
Shorenstein Realty Services, San Francisco

Shayna Eskew
Allhouse Deaton, San Francisco

Glenn Good
Brookfield Properties, San Francisco

John Bryant
BOMA San Francisco, BAE, San Francisco

David Harrison
BOMA San Francisco, San Francisco

Silicon Valley

Sarahann Shapiro (Vice President)
Pahl & McCay, San Jose

Rebecca Barnes
The McLellan Company, San Jose

Ed Pozzi
The EPR Group

Lilian Betancourt

Trendalyn Hallesy

Matthew Peralta
BOMA Silicon Valley BAE


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