At the board meeting, BOMA Cal leaders reviewed success in 2017 – including defeat of measure that would have dictated who building owners and managers can hire – and discussed policy issues related to energy, taxes, climate change, and repelling changes to Proposition 13. The board received a briefing on the political climate in Sacramento and learned about proposals contained in Governor Brown’s final budget proposal.

The Board also set the direction for the policy staff in Sacramento as we enter the 2018 Legislative Session.  Even as the economy seems to be roaring from federal tax cuts, legislators in California are pushing back hard on President Trump and what is seen by them as an anti-Coastal state agenda.  BOMA representatives expect measures on property taxes, energy efficiency of new and existing buildings, seismic safety retrofits, financing for building upgrades, solar and photovoltaic policy, VNM, and several issues related scheduling part time employees.

As measures are introduced they are assessed through the board’s legislative committee, shared with local associations via Executive Board representatives and BAE’s, positions are set to provide direction to your Sacramento representatives.

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