The BOMA California board reviewed success in 2015 and discussed policy issues related to energy, taxes, climate change, and repealing changes to Proposition 13.  The board received a briefing on the political climate in Sacramento and learned about proposals contained in Governor Brown’s 2015-2016 budget proposal as well as statewide ballot initiatives.

The Board also set the direction for the policy staff in Sacramento as we enter the 2016 political season by voting unanimously to oppose the “Cortopassi” initiative which would devastate major local infrastructure projects such as bridges and water/sewer upgrades.  The board also voted to support the Education Bond with will appear on the same ballot.

Legislators have just finished with bill introduction deadline and have introduced over 2,400 bills, many of which could have a major impact on the commercial real estate industry. BOMA representatives are analyzing measures on property taxes, energy efficiency of new and existing buildings, seismic retrofits, electric vehicle charging stations, solar and photovoltaic policy, outdoor landscaping, water conservations, and single use restrooms, in preparation for the industrywide legislative meeting on March 17.  If you are interested in reviewing the bills and participating in the meeting, reply to this email.

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