A broad range of Californian’s including business groups and labor groups have banded together to educate the public about an initiative that if passed would jeopardize many infrastructure projects across the state. Initiatives have not been assigned proposition numbers yet, so as of new it’s simply referred to as the “Cortopassi” initiative, after its primary proponent.  The ballot measure will appear on the June 2016 ballot, would erode local control and add new hurdles to building infrastructure projects in California by allowing voters in faraway regions to reject local infrastructure projects outside of their communities.

The initiative is not receiving good reviews:  Governor Jerry Brown expressed opposition to the measure and through a spokesperson said it was “a really bad idea.” (LA Times 11/2/15).  Fitch Ratings said “it would constrain infrastructure financing and likely result in reduced investment over time, particularly for major water projects.” (11/19/15). The California Chamber of Commerce warned “this ballot measure is both deceptive and dangerous”.  The State Building and Construction Trades Council said the measure “threatens our economy and job-creation.” And the Bay Area News Group called the initiative “a disaster”. (BANG 11/6/15)

We are part of a broad and growing coalition opposed to this measure and will keep you posted as it progresses and let you know what you can do to help.  Stay tuned!

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