The California Air Resources Board, as part of its ongoing mandate to implement the state Greenhouse Gas Reduction Law, referred to simply as “AB 32,” is hosting research seminars to help educate impacted industries about the latest GHG reduction strategies.  This is your opportunity to hear from leading scientists as they present their research findings about air pollution and climate change.

A seminar of particular interest to our industry is being held on April 28, 2014, entitled “Why Building Operators Matter for Reducing GHG Emissions.”

This is the type of information exchange we highly encourage leaders in our industry to participate in.  At the very least you are going to learn where the state is headed in terms of regulations and potentially statute.  You may also learn strategies on how to operate your buildings more efficiently that could increase your bottom line and make your tenants happier.  Finally, your participation is the best way for our industry to educate policy based discussion with insight on practical issues from professionals that are directly impacted and expected to implements these ideas.

Click here for the details on how to attend in person or via webcast, and to see what other seminars are scheduled.

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