The self-declared most environmentally progressive state in the nation has been deemed “out of compliance” with the nation’s Safe Drinking Water Act.  It seems that the state has been unable to document that it has spent $455 million to improve local drinking water systems.  California’s problems are compounded by the fact that when it does authorize money from this fund to be spent, it goes to projects that are not “shovel ready.”  So, the money gets allocated but is not actually spent.

According to federal regulators, California needs $39 billion in capital improvements through 2026 for water systems to continue providing safe drinking water to the public.  The fact that our state is unable to spend these funds is a headscratcher.  Some insiders think this is a symptom of the complicated environmental/political issues that such projects need to navigate, compounded by the state’s perennial budget deficits. Read more by clicking here.

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