A bill strongly supported by the commercial real estate industry, AB 2093 (Steinorth; R-Rancho Cucamonga) unanimously passed the Senate Judiciary Committee this week on a 7-0 bipartisan vote. This measure clears-up issues related to required lease language and disclosures when your building has been inspected by a California Certified Access Specialist (CASp). Such inspections and disclosures provide a layer of legal protection that helps prevent unnecessary and/or frivolous lawsuits while increasing access to public spaces.
“Many businesses are simply unaware of ADA violations on their property, and are unexpectedly served with lawsuits which could put them out of business,” said Assemblymember Steinorth when discussing AB 2093. “This doesn’t help customers, businesses, or our community. AB 2093 will give businesses more educational tools and resources, so they can proactively avoid this situation and make their property accessible for all.”

Click here to read the bill, AB 2093. The bill will next be heard on the Floors of each legislative chamber, then, if all goes well, will go to the Governor for signature.

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