At its Board of Directors meeting earlier this week California Business Properties Association leadership reaffirmed its endorsement of the school bond measure that will appear on the November 2016 statewide ballot.  Additionally CBPA reaffirmed its opposition to the “Cortopassi Measure” which will appear on that same ballot and would require a statewide ballot vote for any public project using revenue bonds exceeding $2 billion.

Furthermore, CBPA discussed at length the “Collis” effort which would undo Proposition 13 by applying a property tax surcharge on all properties with an assessed value exceeding $3 million, which is currently gathering signatures in hopes of going before voters later this year.

As a principle member of CBPA, BOMA California holds three seats on the CBPA Board of Directors and participates directly in these industrywide decisions.

For more information on these measures click the links below:

Education Bond – School Bond (support)

$2 Billion Bonds Need Voter Approval.  “Cortopassi” (oppose)

OUT FOR SIGNATURE: Changes Prop 13. – Property Tax Surcharge. “Collis” Initiative (oppose)

The CBPA Board also had a preliminary discussion about legislative and regulatory issues we are expecting to take up a significant amount of time in 2016 including, CEQA, ADA, Land Use, Water, Sustainable Freight Strategy, Affordable Housing, and much more!

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