The Energy Commission has adopted first-in-the-nation energy standards for “next generation” light bulbs.  The standards cover small-diameter directional lamps, often used in track lighting, and general purpose LED’s commonly used to replace residential lighting.

The commission estimates that the standards will save Californian’s more than $4 billion in aggregate over the first 13 years and will help the state meet its SB 350 energy saving goals and AB 32 greenhouse gas emission goals by reducing the need for electrical generation. Bulbs that meet the new standards are already available to consumers.

The commission press release continues to note that small-diameter directional lamps are often used at commercial sites, such as stores and museums, for track lighting. In California, about 16 million of these bulbs are in use. The standards cover bulbs with a diameter of 2.25 inches or less and will go into effect January 1, 2018.

Overall the commercial real estate industry continues to support the state of California in its goals to become more energy efficient and after working with the CEC, other stakeholders, and hearing assurances from manufacturers that the product demand and reliability standards will be met, was comfortable with the standards as adopted.

As noted a few weeks ago, the commission has also addressed previously adopted “lighting control” standards that ended up being much costlier and difficult to implement than thought when initially adopted.

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