California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird today announced the appointment of 14 leaders in state climate science and infrastructure design to the Climate-Safe Infrastructure Working Group. The purpose for the group is to further the State’s continued efforts to address the effects of climate change on the built environment.

 “I am proud to announce the appointees of the Climate-Safe Infrastructure Working Group,” stated Secretary Laird in a press release from his office. “These dedicated professionals, with expertise in engineering, science, and policy will provide science-based recommendations to California decision-makers to enable the best infrastructural investment strategies for the state.  As changes to the environment continue to affect the public, the establishment of this Working Group reveals California’s ongoing leadership in climate adaptation.”

Through its deliberations, the working group will investigate: Current informational and institutional barriers to integrating projected climate change impacts into state infrastructure design; Critical information that engineers responsible for infrastructure design and construction need to address climate change impacts; How to select an appropriate engineering design for a range of future climate scenarios as related to infrastructure planning and investment.

Click here for more information and a list of the academics and state agency personnel serving on the workgroup.

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