Click here for the San Diego Union-Tribune’s editorial take on SB 1021, complete with a quote from our very own Rex Hime. 

 “Currently, Proposition 13’s limitations apply to residential and commercial properties. But after its passage the courts have interpreted the initiative to allow a new type of property tax — a “parcel tax” that usually imposes a flat tax on all property parcels. Wolk’s measure would overturn a 2012 court decision and allow local school officials to assess different classifications and rates on different parcels. Supporters say that the bill simply returns to the state of affairs before that court decision, and that voters rather than the Legislature should decide what tax rates to impose in their local communities. Critics say it will lead to higher school taxes shortly after passage of a statewide tax increase (Proposition 30) earmarked for schools — and that it further erodes the state’s business climate.”

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