Here is an update on where we stand with two bills relating to on Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) policy.  Early in the session two bills were introduced, one of which we immediately supported SB 658 (Hill; D-San Mateo) and one which caused some concern SB 287 (Hueso; D-San Diego).

Because of the life-saving potential of AEDs and their proven efficacy, our industry has been working to increase accessibility of these devices in public places where cardiac arrest may be a significant risk.  Many of our members currently have them installed in their buildings and many more members have asked for reform of the statute that is now close at hand.

SB 658 has gone through all committees in both Houses, passed the Assembly Floor 75-0, and is now awaiting action on the Governor’s Desk. The bill reforms some of the statutory requirements that companies need to fulfill in order to receive limited liability protections for installing AED’s.

SB 658 (Hill) AED Limited Liability Statutory Reform

SB 287 is the AED bill that initially gave us pause as it was a broad mandate to install AEDs.  This bill was the focus of lengthy discussions at board meetings and legislative gatherings.  As initially written, the bill had some flaws that would have made compliance very difficult.  And although we did not relish being pushed into a position of having to oppose an AED bill, we had to in order to get changes to the measure that we had requested, but were not adopted.

We also could not even start the conversation on any type of mandate without assuring that we got some type of reform of the current statute as represented in SB 658, so timing was key, and working to assure SB 658 moved forward was a priority.

Through many discussions with the author on SB 287 and support from several other like-minded business groups, we were able to negotiate amendments that addressed many of our operational issues and opposition to the bill has evaporated with the business coalition and CBPA on behalf of commercial real estate has taken a position in support. The bill is  awaiting Concurrence and we expect it to go to the Governor next week.

SB 287 (Hueso) AED Mandate on Certain New Construction

The bill, if signed into law, will require installation of AED’s in certain commercial buildings with max occupancies of 200 or more that are constructed and occupied on or after January 1, 2017.  This will ensure that more employees, tenants, and guests will have access to these devices when needed.

Thank you to everyone that has provided help and assistance working on these bills.  We think this represents the best possible outcome we could have hoped for this year.

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