Even as the votes continue to be counted in some close races, it appears that both houses of the state Legislature will see a 2/3 vote Democrat majority, while setting the highest mark for one party in the Assembly in over 40 years.

In the Senate going in to the elections, Democrats controlled 26 of the 40 seats and needed one more to get to the supermajority of 27.

All Democrat incumbents appear to have successfully defended their seats and it appears they may flip the one needed seat, Senate District 14, in the Fresno/Bakersfield area as Sanger Councilwoman Melissa Hurtado is leading GOP incumbent Andy Vidak by 52 to 48 percent.

In the Assembly, Democrats are seeking to build on the supermajority they already hold.  Although several races are too close to call, if there are realistic scenarios in which they see a plus-three pickup and could start the new legislative session with a 57 vote supermajority.  54 is the vote threshold needed to pass new taxes.

We are paying close attention and will report as we have more news.


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