The bill that would ban dual agency in the State of California that was stalled last year, has been revived and will be heard on Tuesday. As written, AB 1059 (Gonzalez-Fletcher; D-San Diego), would prohibit an agent from acting as a dual agent in a commercial real estate transaction.

However, after many hours of working with the Author and the Assembly Judiciary Committee, new language has been written that will be considered on Tuesday.  The author has stated that she is not going to move forward with a ban but would like to see if there are ways to assure that consumers who are involved in a dual agency transaction can be more clearly notified.

A large group of our members with knowledge and experience of all sides of a transaction are working with us in Sacramento to try to come to consensus on language.  It has been noted that the current disclosure could be clearer and we hope to work with Ms. Gonzalez Fletcher to bring more clarity to the documents and process.  Stay tuned!

Several other closely related bills will also be heard in committee on Tuesday, including a pair of bills sponsored by the California Association of Realtor meant to addresses issues specifically related to the recent residential Horiike case.

If you have a specific interest and/or expertise in this area, please let us know as we want to make sure we keep those directly impacted closely in the loop and will need your help communicating with local legislators.

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