We are happy to report that the Dual Agency Ban Bill, AB 1059 (Gonzalez Fletcher), has been pulled from the Assembly Judiciary Committee docket and we have been told by the author’s staff that she will not pursue the measure further right now (but that it may be revisited over the Interim Recess or next year).  This is great news and we appreciate the fact that Ms. Gonzalez Fletcher has chosen not to move forward with this bill.

Right now is a good time to breathe a sigh of relief, and take stock of where we are on the issue – but we want to be clear that the war is not necessarily over.  However, we can assume the sponsors of this bill will likely continue to press this issue and we should work to communicate about the benefits of dual agency with policymakers, clients, and the public at large.

On this bill, we saw a mobilization of our industry unlike any we have seen in several years.  In a coordinated effort through the CBPA office in Sacramento, local chapters of NAIOP, BOMA, AIR and members of ICSC and individual members of CBPA across the state worked quickly to educate our own members and potential allies about the negative impacts of the bill and shared our concerns with Assemblymembers and their staff.

And to find a positive in the midst of a storm, this was actually a great opportunity for our industry to work with legislators and their staffs and discuss the differences between residential and commercial transactions and why the State treats them separately in statute and how Dual Agency was being mischaracterized by the sponsor of the bill.  This type of education is very important and helps lay positive groundwork and builds trust for success on other commercial real estate issues.

We will continue to watch for activity in the Legislature while working with local chapters, associations, and companies to provide a “roadmap” to continued education of policymakers and the public about our industry.  But this bill may come back early next year and we need to be ready.

Until then, thank you to the hundreds of companies and individuals that stepped up to meet this threat to our industry.

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