The bill that originally attempted to ban dual agency in the State of California, AB 1059 (Gonzalez-Fletcher; D-San Diego), will not move forward this year with the passage of a legislative deadline today.  After many hours of working with the Author and the Assembly Judiciary Committee on new language that moved away from the outright ban and sought to create an additional disclosure, consensus language was not achieved in time for this bill to move forward.

The bill proponents have been invited to participate in an ongoing real estate stakeholder group that is working on a measure to streamline and clarify several areas of real estate law, and this process could be an option to address any concerns with dual agency disclosures.

A large group of our members with knowledge and experience of all sides of a transaction are working with us in Sacramento to try to come to consensus on language and we thank everyone who has stepped-up to help on this issue.

We also are very appreciative of the fact that Assemblymember Gonzalez Fletcher and members of the committee have taken our issues with the proposal under consideration and have decided to give all parties more time to assess current law and work-out consensus-based language if any changes are indeed needed.

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