The CEC isn’t the only one looking at the issue of how to help more buildings get energy efficient. A new collaboration by UC Berkeley and MIT is going to look at the “economics” of energy efficiency – a key component that our industry has been asking state and federal agencies to take into account for years. The program’s moniker captures its mission – to find the best way to go from using a large amount of energy (“E) to a small amount of energy (“e”). We have already been in contact with one of the key researchers and hope to find ways to bring together leading companies from our industry to work with the collaborative.

In the policy setting we constantly hear that these measures pay for themselves. Christopher Knittel, a former UC Davis economist and currently the William Barton Rogers Professor of Energy Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management, states in the following story that “’Our goal is to better understand what the costs and benefits of energy-efficient investments are – where the low-hanging fruit is, as well as how high that fruit is up the tree,’” stated ‘The McKinsey curve would suggest the fruit’s already on the ground. If this is true, we want to figure out why no one is picking it up.’”

Click here for a story with more information about the new collaborative and stay tuned for more details.

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