CBPA has lead an industrywide effort to review and analyze the “45-Day Language” – official proposed changes by the California Energy Commission — to Title 24, Part 6 (CA Energy Code) released last month.

ICSC, the NAIOP California Council, and BOMA California’s Board of Directors banded together to raise funds and identify industry experts to review the proposal.

We identified 201 revisions that will have some impact commercial real estate.

·         111 of these are considered to have little or no impact. 

·         59 of the changes are moderate with little or no cost impact. 

·         29 are considered significant with a moderate cost impact.

·         Finally, 2 proposals are considered critical with major cost and operational impacts. 

You can read the CBPA letter submitted on behalf of industry Clicking here.

And if you want to help review the entire list of concerns, please contact us ASAP.

You can real Here are the Notices of Proposed Action for the 2016 revisions to the Title 24 Part 6 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, and separately for the voluntary provisions in Title 24 Part 11, can be found here:  Proposed 2016 California Energy Efficiency Standards 

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