The next major step in the AB 758 Regulatory Process is underway and you have an opportunity to provide input and guide California policy that will have an impact on your business.  This is the issue our industry has been working on for several years now, in collaboration with the Energy Commission, green energy groups, and other stakeholders – it’s a regulatory plan that is being written to tackle energy efficiency in existing commercial buildings.

Once the “draft action plan” is finalized, the strategies – both voluntary and mandatory – will be translated into regulatory language and moved forward for adoption.  So it is very important to assure that what is contained in the final document make sense from both a technological and economic standpoint.  We also want to make sure that “red-tape” is kept to a minimum so unnecessary paperwork is not required.

Here is the plan:  Draft Action Plan for the Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program for Existing Buildings

Again, we hope that this can be reviewed by some of your energy experts.  However, we really need this to also be reviewed by people involved in leasing and real estate transactional issues.  Energy efficiency strategies are important, but so are the “triggers” used by the state to enforce any mandates.  Provide any feedback you may have by replying to this email or talking with your local association leadership.  Click here for the Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program for Existing Buildings – Documents and Notices.

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