Buildings can be complicated mechanically, need security, and/or have tenants in them that are deemed essential businesses.  We can’t just abandon our buildings, especially when tenants remain.  Therefore, our recommendation to local/state/federal policymakers is that the following building personnel are essential in any written orders and or enforcement guidance:

– Building management staff

– Building security staff/vendors

– Building engineering staff/vendors

– Building janitorial staff/vendors

– Building elevator, HVAC, plumbing and electrical staff/vendors

– Building fire safety staff/vendors

– Commercial and Residential Construction

You should check with local authorities if there is any question and/or if you are working with them to draft a local order.  If your local authorities do not conform to this guidance you should be proactive about communicating the importance of these workers.

The Governor’s Executive Order references “CISA” which is a department of Homeland Security identifying “critical infrastructure.”

Below is information and guidance documents that outlines “essential personnel” and infrastructure.  Here is the guidance specific to our sector:

ESSENTIAL CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE WORKERS GUIDANCE:   As the Nation’s risk advisor, CISA developed this guidance to help state and local governments and the private sector ensure that employees essential to operations of critical infrastructure are able to continue working with as little interruption as possible. The purpose of this guidance is to enable continued resilience for public community health and safety of government, economy, and society despite possible impacts to the workforce and critical infrastructure workforce brought on by consequences of COVID-19. Click here to view.


•Workers to ensure continuity of building functions
•Security staff to maintain building access control and physical security measures

This guidance is also on their website, under “Other Community based…” Click here to view.

And here is the COVID-19 Specific Page:



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