AB 2565 (Muratsuchi; D-Torrance) a bill that previously mandated installation of electric vehicle charging stations, was significantly amended to address industry concerns, and has passed the Assembly with assurances from the author that lingering technical issues will be addressed. 

 The focus of the bill is now to give a lessee the ability to install an EV charging station when they are willing to pay for all costs associated and assume all liability related to the installation, maintenance, operation, and removal of the unit.

 With lots of input from our members, recent amendments negotiated to the bill include:

 1) Addressing technical operational issues and real estate law conformity

2) Narrow the scope of the bill to properties with more than 50 parking spaces

3) Exclude application to properties where EV charging stations are already available

4) Conform Definition of EV Charging stations to 625 NEC

5) Align “reasonable costs” to Zero-Emission Vehicles in California: COMMUNITY READINESS GUIDEBOOK “planning checklist” (Starts on Page 112)

6) Clarify that this is not meant to create an exclusive parking space for lessee’s – and if it has that impact, that use can be charged with a fee

7) Create a separate section for residential properties

 We believe that technical issues remaining with the bill will be worked out if it moves forward.  We will try to address the lingering policy issue of making the bill permissive as part of the future discussion.

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