The commercial real estate industry is once again partnering with the state and local utilities and participating in the Flex Alert program.  We hope that through such communications, we can play a role in assuring that we are able to help conserve energy during peak demand hours.

Stay Prepared for a Flex Alert this summer.

A Flex Alert is an urgent call to Californians to immediately conserve electricity and to shift demand to off-peak hours (after 6 p.m.). When an alert is called, take these three simple steps to reduce electrical load on the grid:

1. Turn off all unnecessary lights, computers, and appliances.
2. Adjust your air conditioning thermostat to 78° or higher. Use a fan when possible.
3. Postpone using major appliances and equipment until after 6 p.m.

State officials predict that this summer will be especially critical due to high temperatures and the potential for extreme weather. In the event of a power shortage a Flex Alert will be announced through email, social media and web through both the Flex Alert campaign and our network partners. Keep your eyes open for Flex Alert notifications this summer and for more information or to sign up to receive alerts directly please visit us at www.flexalert.org.


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