A bill we strongly supported that would have provided employers with the flexibility to accommodate employees’ needs was defeated this week on a party line vote of 4 to 1 in the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee with all Democrats voting “no” and the lone Republican on the Committee voting “yes”.

SB 985 (Berryhill; R-Twain Harte), was the 15th “job creator” bill identified this year, provides employers with the opportunity to accommodate employees’ needs as well as business demands by allowing employees to request a voluntary, flexible workweek agreement that can be repealed by the employee at any time with proper notice.

We are supported SB 985 because it would have eliminated the burdensome alternative workweek election process and allow the employee the opportunity to request a four, 10-hour day workweek schedule that will address the needs of both the employer and employee.

We thank Senator Berryhill for moving forward with this bill and hope we can try again next year.

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