The wonderfully named “California Peculiarities Employment Law Blog” has a piece on the recently passed “San Francisco Retail Workers Bill of Rights.” Everyone in the commercial, industrial, and/or retail real estate industry should be aware of this law as proponents are already trying to get it adopted in other jurisdictions and there are strong indications that statewide legislation will be introduced. 

Although the measure targets the working relationship between “formula retailers,” defined as businesses with 20 or more locations worldwide that employ 20 or more employees within San Francisco, it also has a huge impact on commercial real estate landlords that have such businesses as tenants.  In particular there is language in the measure that creates “successor employer” obligations similar to AB 350 which was defeated over four years ago, and the measure will apply to certain classes of property service personnel such as janitors.

A large coalition of employers has already started meeting with legislators to prepare to push back on any bill that would attempt to bring this law to the state as a whole.  We also want to make sure that if you hear of local efforts to push such a measure, you coordinate with other employers, employer groups, and your local association, to educate policymakers as to why this restrictive policy would actually hurt the very employees it ostensibly is meant to help.

A more detailed review of the measure can also be found here by Clicking here.

The San Francisco Chamber led the opposition to the measure that went into law without the Mayor’s signature.

You can read their letter by Clicking here.

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