Unfortunately, the Govenor has signed a bill that we opposed which denies employers the basic choice of whom to hire.  This bill is very similar to AB 350, which the commercial real estate industry spent a significant amount of time and effort to defeat five years ago.

AB 359 (Gonzalez D) inappropriately alters the employment relationship by requiring any successor grocery employer to retain employees of the former grocery employer for 90 days and continue to offer continued employment unless the employees’ performance during the 90-day period was unsatisfactory.

Governor’s Signature Message: To the Members of the California State Assembly: I am signing Assembly Bill 359, which would require a successor grocery employer to retain eligible grocery workers for a 90-day transitional period and, upon completion of that period, require the successor grocery employer to consider offering continued employment to those workers. As drafted, the bill is not clear how the provisions apply if an incumbent grocery employer has ceased operations. The author and sponsors have committed to clarify that the law would not apply to a grocery store that has ceased operations for six months or more. I look forward to receiving that fix before the end of this legislative session. Sincerely, GOVERNOR EDMUND G. BROWN JR.

That bill to “clean up” AB 359 has already been introduced.  That bill is AB 897 (Gonzales)

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