Last week the Governor offered the following goals in his State of the Union speech to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state:

“In fact, we are well on our way to meeting our AB 32 goal of reducing carbon pollution and limiting the emissions of heat-trapping gases to 431 million tons by 2020. But now, it is time to establish our next set of objectives for 2030 and beyond.

“Toward that end, I propose three ambitious goals to be accomplished within the next 15 years:

1. Increase from one-third to 50 percent our electricity derived from renewable sources;

2. Reduce today’s petroleum use in cars and trucks by up to 50 percent;

3. Double the efficiency of existing buildings and make heating fuels cleaner.”

To meet these goals we expect a combination of legislation, regulation, and Executive Orders that may impact a wide variety of commercial real estate operations.  From new building energy standards, increased operational efficiencies of HVAC and ductwork, solar installations, to more EV Charging stations.

We are sharing proposals as they are offered, but want to be proactive and see what policy ideas our members may have and/or support that could help the state meet these goals.

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