Numerous policies have identified the need for significant energy efficiency improvements to new and existing buildings to achieve the state’s energy goals.  As the housing and broader construction markets continue to improve, significant energy savings could be missed if new and existing buildings are not built, updated, or retrofitted with the best available technologies, techniques, and practices. 

According to the state, much of the skilled labor workforce may not be not trained in the proper installation, operation, and maintenance of these energy efficiency advancements.  This could lead to unrealized energy savings and expense due to improper installation and maintenance; or building developers and others responsible for the design, development, and management of buildings may decide to forgo these energy efficiency advancements because savings and benefits are unrealized.

In order to address workforce needs, the CEC is has Grant Funding Opportunity GFO-15-302 – Investing in California Communities through Building Energy Efficiency Workforce Development.  Of interest to commercial companies is “Group 2:  Workforce training for installing advanced energy efficiency measures in existing buildings (residential/commercial/multifamily) in disadvantaged communities as defined by Senate Bill (SB) 535.”

Grant applications are due by May 5th.  The CEC is hosting a “Pre-Application Workshop” in Sacramento on April 1.

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