Today is one of the major deadlines in the California State Legislature – First House Deadline.  Basically, if a bill isn’t out of the House it was introduced in by Midnight tonight, it is “dead” for the year.

Here are a few bills we supported that met the deadline and are still making their way through the process (note, we are still processing bills, so don’t get worried if a bill you like isn’t here!)

AB 37 (Perea D) Environmental quality: California Environmental Quality Act: record of proceedings.

AB 44 (Buchanan D) Subletting and Subcontracting Fair Practices Act: bidding practices.

AB 116 (Bocanegra D) Land use: subdivision maps: expiration dates.

AB 122 (Rendon D) Energy: energy assessment: nonresidential buildings: financing.

AB 227 (Gatto D) Proposition 65: enforcement.

AB 327 (Perea D) Electricity: natural gas: rates.

AB 341 (Dickinson D) Green building standards.

AB 393 (Cooley D) Office of Business and Economic Development: Internet Web site.

AB 433 (Gordon D) Contractors: fire protection systems.

AB 61 (Gatto D) Parking: parking meters.

AB 628 (Gorell R) Energy management plans for harbor and port districts.

AB 639 (John A. Pérez D) Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Act of 2014.

AB 909 (Gray D) Metal theft and related recycling crimes.

AB 1080 (Alejo D) Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities.

AB 1081 (Medina D) Economic development: goods-movement-related infrastructure.

AB 1092 (Levine D) Building standards: electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

AB 1236 (Hagman R) Contractors: limited liability companies.

AB 1257 (Bocanegra D) Energy: State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission: natural gas.

SB 401 (Hueso D) Administrative practices.

SB 652 (DeSaulnier D) Real property disclosures: construction defect litigation.

SB 752 (Roth D) Commercial and industrial common interest developments.

And some more good news.  Here are some bills that we opposed that have been stopped:

AB 5 (Ammiano D) Homelessness.

AB 59 (Bonta D) School districts: parcel taxes.

AB 188 (Ammiano D) Property taxation: change in ownership.

AB 203 (Stone D) Coastal resources: coastal development permits: penalties.

AB 288 (Levine D) Oil and gas: hydraulic fracturing.

AB 468 (Chesbro D) Insurance: Disaster Management, Preparedness, and Assistance Surcharge.

AB 515 (Dickinson D) Environmental quality: California Environmental Quality Act: judicial review.

AB 561 (Ting D) Taxation: documentary transfer tax.

AB 574 (Lowenthal D) California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: sustainable communities strategies.

AB 741 (Brown D) Local government finance: tax equity allocation formula: qualifying cities.

AB 769 (Skinner D) Taxation: deductions: net operating loss carrybacks.

AB 818 (Blumenfield D) Air pollution control: penalties.

AB 823 (Eggman D) Environment: California Farmland Protection Act.

AB 969 (Ammiano D) Landlord and tenant.

AB 1138 (Chau D) Workers’ compensation: records.

AB 1151 (Ting D) Tax agent registration.

AB 1164 (Lowenthal D) Liens: employees and workers.

AB 1277 (Skinner D) Occupational safety and health: procedures.

AB 1323 (Mitchell D) Oil and gas: hydraulic fracturing.

AB 1375 (Chau D) California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: market-based compliance mechanisms: Clean Technology Investment Account.

SB 121 (Evans D) Corporations: political activities: shareholder disclosure.

SB 123 (Corbett D) Environmental and land use court.

SB 241 (Evans D) Oil Severance Tax Law.

SB 395 (Jackson D) Hazardous waste: wells.

SB 529 (Leno D) Recycling: fast food facilities.

SB 603 (Leno D) Landlord and tenant: security deposit.

SB 617 (Evans D) California Environmental Quality Act.

SB 626 (Beall D) Workers’ compensation.

SB 673 (DeSaulnier D) Land use: development project review.

SB 754 (Evans D) California Environmental Quality Act.

Again, we are still sorting through all the actions, so don’t fret if you don’t see a bill in this list.  If you have a question about a specific bill, please feel free to email by replying to this message.

If you want to read any of the bills and/or their analyses, simply click here and enter in the number.

Many bills we oppose made it through the deadline.  We will continue to work on those bills and will let you know how you can help.


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