The California Building Industry Association, affordable housing advocates, and community and business organizations representing millions of Californians today announced the results of two new studies that reveal the high cost of electrifying California homes and a strong preference among voters for more affordable natural gas appliances.

The analysis, conducted by Navigant Consulting found that in homes with natural gas appliances, swapping those appliances for all electric alternatives would cost the average household in Southern California more than $7,200 to upgrade wiring and electrical panels and purchase new appliances. This, along with higher electricity bills, could increase energy costs up to $877 per household each year. Across Southern California’s 7 million single-family homes, the total cost increase is $4.3 to $6.1 billion per year.

 A separate, recent poll conducted by the California Building Industry Association (CBIA) found that when purchasing a home, only one-in-ten would choose solely electrical appliances and fully two-thirds of voters oppose eliminating the use of natural gas in California. Moreover, recent and proposed updates to residential energy efficiency standards, mandated by the California Energy Commission (CEC), could increase the cost of housing by as much as $20,000 – further impacting affordability for already struggling Californians.

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