We are supporting SB 1414 (Wolk; D-Davis) which requires the California Energy Commission to develop a system to track central heating and air conditioning equipment sales and installations in the state in order to verify compliance with permitting, inspection, and equipment testing requirements.

As required by previous legislation, AB 758 (Skinner), the California Energy Commission has been pursuing increased levels of energy efficiency in California’s existing residential and commercial building stock.  Part of that effort has focused on the level of compliance, or lack thereof, with the CEC’s minimum energy efficiency standards when an old air conditioning system is replaced in existing residential or commercial buildings.  For example, the CEC requires the HVAC duct system to be checked for leaks prior to installing a new air conditioning system to the older duct system. If the measured leakage rate exceeds the state mandated maximum, the duct system must be repaired.

During the CEC’s investigation into field compliance, it was reported that only 480 air-conditioning systems had received permits from the local building department out of some 10,000 units sold in the greater Los Angeles basin.  This means that roughly 95% of the air-conditioning systems installed during this time period in LA was done so without the proper permitting.  As such, it is safe to say compliance with the CEC’s minimum energy efficiency standards in these “underground” systems would be in serious question.

SB 1414 would attempt to address this serious issue by having the CEC establish a tracking system for heating and air conditioning systems from point of purchase to installation.  This action will help our industry continue to reduce greenhouse gases and continue to be world leaders in energy efficiency.

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