Last week was a major legislative Constitutional deadline in the State Capitol known as the “First House Deadline.” It’s basically the halfway point of the legislative session.  So how are the bills tagged as “Job Killers” doing? 

 The California Chamber of Commerce’s original “job killer” list of 2014 included 27 measures that would have a very negative impact on the California job climate and economic recovery if they were to become law.  The list serves as a rallying call for allied business-iruented groups in Sacramento and helps focus coalition efforts.

 Here is how the Sacramento Bee summed it up:  “Last week’s casualties included measures to impose a moratorium on “fracking” to develop California’s oil reserves (Senate Bill 1132), to require disclosure labels on foods containing genetically modified ingredients (SB 1381) and to raise taxes on corporations deemed to pay executives too much (SB 1372).”

“However, several others on the list survived, including one requiring employers to grant paid sick leave to workers (Assembly Bill 1522), expanding liability for contractors wage and hour violations (AB 1897), and allowing employees to file liens for unpaid wages (AB 2416).”

“One major tax bill on the list, making it easier to raise property taxes on commercial property when it changes hands (AB 2372), was modified enough to gain the Chamber of Commerce’s support and passed the Assembly.”

Click here to read the Bee’s “the Buzz” article.

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