On behalf of our industry, we have requested that Governor Brown veto AB 1180 (Holden; D-Los Angeles), legislation that seeks to allow Los Angeles County Flood Control District to levy special taxes to manage stormwater, because it lacks basic taxpayer safeguards.

While our industry understands the intent of this action and share the common goals of conserving and capturing stormwater, we are very concerned that AB 1180 doesn’t provide basic guidance and protections to assure the monies are levied and spent appropriately.

We support our Los Angeles County members who oppose this measure based on the following: The funding does not have an independent oversight component; Legislative authority needs to be included for the Regional Board to accept funding from this tax source for purposes of a complete update of the Basin Plan for storm water; 100% of these funds should be dedicated to compliance with the MS4 permit; and finally, authority should be included for these funds to be used for a pollution credit trading program with the approval of the Regional Board.

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