SB 142 (Weiner; D-San Francisco) the bill seeking to require lactation rooms in all buildings, will be voted on next week.  We have opposed the bill all year as redundant in light of the fact that AB 1976 (Limon; D-Santa Barbara) was just signed last year and was substantially similar; and we have specifically objected to the fact that this bill sought to mandate significant building code requirements, would increase the potential for PAGA lawsuits, and had no ability for workplaces that cannot accommodate a lactation space due to size or safety issues, be exempted.

We are pleased to announce that one of those issues, regarding the building code, has been addressed.  The Appropriations Committee forced language into the bill that would change the mandatory language into a guidance document on how to comply the law when a tenant had an employee to accommodate.

However, while we appreciate the amendment, we still oppose because of its redundancy and harmful impacts on companies in our own industry and our tenants.

And interesting not is that the Governor’s Department of Finance, agreed with us about cost estimates on the bill and released an analysis stating it would cost the state millions of dollars to comply with construction costs in state buildings.  DOF estimates a cost of $149,000 in each impacted state building and it seems the argument prevailed; while it estimated $50,000 in private buildings.

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