We are tracking two bills in the legislature that will make it more difficult to build large projects and will usurp local government land-use authority:

SB 673 (DeSaulnier; D-Concord) is a bill that would erode local governments’ ability to make land use decisions and move forward with infrastructure and development projects that receive over $1 million in subsidies without oversight from the state in the form of a comprehensive economic analysis from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR).

We believe that local governments are currently able to make decisions regarding such projects in a well-informed manner.  Under current law, local governments can seek advice from a broad range of other government agencies and consultants.  The “analysis” required by SB 617 is already required under CEQA and/or can be required by the local government approving the project and are opposing this bill.

AB 667 (Hernandez; D – West Covina) creates another layer of bureaucracy for local governments by requiring certain retailers to obtain redundant economic impact and community impact report before receiving approval. These reports go above and beyond the significant requirements already required by state law, which currently provides for extensive public input and local decision-making. This bill has the potential to create significant delays in the local planning and approval process, tying-up local government resources and delaying job creation and projects desired by communities.  We oppose this measure.

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