For those of us in Northern California the five major storms we have had in the past two weeks is major relief to the drought.  However, it has also served to highlight the shabby state our roads are in.  Driving on freeways and highways and city streets has become a game of Frogger, except we are dodging potholes, chunks of loose road, huge puddles of water, and traffic.

As a member of the “Fix Our Roads Coalition” we held a press conference in Sacramento this week to call on the Legislature and the Governor to come together and get a transportation funding package done in 2017.  With a new legislative session and new legislature, we are hopeful they will finally come together to address our long neglected and our underfunded transportation needs.

A Sacramento Bee editorial on the subject notes that “divots” on the road “cause bipartisan tire damage,” in their call to get the Legislature to act.  Click here to read the full article.

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