A number of members have let us know that the lighting control issues contained in the state’s Energy Regs (Title 24) are having a major impact on costs and complexity of Tenant Improvements.  This issue has been discussed at length at several board meetings, and we have worked with the California Energy Commission over the past year to come up with alternatives to compliance.

Here is a media story from last year that sheds some light on the topic:

Businesses Are in the Dark About New Lighting Regulations

The last update (those you started feeling in January 2015) was the greatest increase in stringency (27%) since the beginning of the California energy code.  The proposed 2016 Standards are following with increase in stringency from significant changes for control requirements.

Many members have expressed the concern that such large increases in energy code stringency require changes that are not proven construction practices.  We have expressed strong reservations to changes in construction and/or management practice that are not market proven, accepted in the building code, and vetted for their intended use by the building and inspection trades.

In June CEC staff presented the proposed 2016 Title 24 Code to Commissioners, who approved all chapters except Sections 141.0(b)2.I., J., K., and L., and Tables 141.0-E and –F, which is all the language dealing with lighting system Alterations and Modifications.  However, the language has been “pulled” several times and not adopted.

We are currently working with CEC staff and other impacted constituency groups to advance these reforms.

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