This week the California Supreme court ruled that local ballot initiatives imposing new taxes for specific purposes only need a simple majority of voters to pass.  This decision has rocked many in the state as it shakes the foundation of Proposition 13 and created a gigantic loophole for pro-tax officials to game the system by running a “grassroots” initiative in order to make it easier to pass taxes.

Click here for a more in-depth story about the ruling and its potential ramifications.

In response, Assembly Republicans have already introduced a measure to “fix” the newly created loophole, however, not many Capitol Watchers are confident the proposal will be embraced by the needed 2/3s to pass a constitutional amendment.

This ruling will make it easier for non-governmental groups to pass local tax measures and we implore all of our members to become more active at the local level to ensure you are not caught by surprise when measures start coming forth.

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